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This is the most classic model in the range. City chic in the form of a unisex, roomy messenger. High-quality craftsmanship, loads of pockets and durability second to none. 
Each bag is a one-off – so if you like this one – buy it NOW.


This vegan, eco bag is made out of:

♻ upcycled ad banners and flags
♻ repurposed, recycled safety belts
♻ faux leather (offcuts)
♻ vegan felt


Super sturdy, exceptionally well made and stylish.  An excellent option for:

●Typography lovers

● Enthusiasts of unique but well-made products

● Designers

● Fans of the vibrant, urban style


All backpacks and bags are 100% unique, unrepeatable and as far from massive production as one can imagine (all patterns cut by hand). 


Here at HOLO we make one-off city bags out of upcycled ad banners, flags and car seat belts.

Our mission is to transform waste into something beautiful...


HOLO bags are so much more than an eye-catching accessory. They stand for everything that is good in design and fashion nowadays! Made out of recycled ad banners, flags and car seat belts. 100% unique (each one is different and unrepeatable, all patterns are hand-cut) and 100% vegan.
Love, care and environmental awareness in the shape of a bag. Maybe we can’t save the world with it – but we can set some new standards for buying stuff.

We are a small, independent project, so every purchase made by YOU in our little shop means a world to our business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

/Eva Starzyk, Designer, Head of HOLO UK Division


SKU: NR309
  • Made out of:

    • upcycled ad banners, flags, and tarpaulin
    • repurposed, recycled safety belts
    • eco-leather

    30 × 36 × 10 cm

    Max. length of the belt/strap: 125 cm